Makeover set for CI hospital

The raising of the profile of the Cayman Islands Hospital as a medical centre of excellence in the region was a priority, Health Minister Anthony Eden told the Cabinet press briefing.

This would be done by expanding and enhancing the range of services offered and having partnerships with major international medical centres, he said on Friday.

Another priority would be to increase collaboration with the private sector to provide care, Mr. Eden told the briefing.

And a third would be to have a partnership with St. Matthews University to have the Cayman Islands Hospital recognised and accredited internationally as a teaching hospital

Through the partnership, other international facilities would also use the Cayman Islands Hospital as a facility for training and medical research, said Mr. Eden.

All basic medical services would be expanded and in addition, specialised services such as plastic surgery would be introduced.

A working partnership would be developed with a recognised major international medical institution for the exchange of staff and knowledge, he said.

These measures and others would mean that health services in Cayman would not only improve but would also enhance the capacity to respond to changing needs, he added.