PwC awards two scholarships

Samantha Widmer, Shelly-Ann Barnaby and David Meyerhoff were each awarded scholarships by PricewaterhouseCoopers this summer.

‘We’re very proud of our scholarship programme,’ explains PwC Senior Manager Sean Parchment. ‘And we’re extremely pleased to support these young Caymanians. It’s something we do every year – we provide them with financial and moral support; it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.’

This is the second year away for celebrated local golf champ Samantha Widmer, states a press release.

Last year she was awarded the PwC Scholarship to attend Elon University in North Carolina; this year she is continuing her pursuit of an accounting degree and a golf career.

‘I’m very grateful to PwC for continuing to support me,’ she said. ‘Even though I miss home, I’m really enjoying university.’ Samantha is on her school’s varsity golf team.

Shelly-Ann Barnaby is also very pleased with PwC’s support.

‘They assisted me last year while I completed my Associates degree and now they’re sending me to Canada to obtain my Bachelor’s in accounting.’

Shelly-Ann completed her Associates with the help of PwC in June 2005 with an overall GPA of 3.9. This fall she will attend Brock University in Ontario, Canada.

David Meyerhoff, also a budding accountant, is starting out his career here in Cayman.

‘I’ll be attending the University College of the Cayman Islands this September,’ he said. ‘I’m very thankful to PwC and am looking forward to starting classes.’

On completion of his Associates, David hopes to go abroad to complete his Bachelors in accounting.

Sean Parchment, a former PwC Scholarship recipient, is a great example of the firm’s commitment and advancement of young Caymanians.

‘These students have an excellent opportunity before them – I know this firsthand,’ he says. ‘After I completed university, I joined the firm and was advanced to a management position in a relatively short period of time.’