C&W boosts ADSL speed

Cable & Wireless is giving its Broadband ADSL customers have been upgraded to up to four times greater speed at no extra cost.

Cable & Wireless Broadband customers can now do even more with their connection for entertainment, education or communication. With these higher speeds customers will be able to get the best out of new services such as gaming, our new voice-over-IP service NetSpeak, video-over-broadband and multiple connections.’

In addition to the increase in ADSL speeds, Cable & Wireless is also offering a new plan – you can now get online for as little as $40 per month.

‘Our new ADSL 256 plan gives our current dialup customers the ideal opportunity to upgrade and take advantage of all the benefits of high speed internet,’ said Vice President Broadband, Suzanne Collins. ‘This is the most affordable entry level high speed internet plan available today in the Cayman Islands. This means that customers can be always on-line for a low, low price.’

Cable & Wireless Broadband customers enjoy a number of advantages over other providers ranging from a single line for phone, fax and computer, internet access while traveling overseas, fastest plans for the best price, free customer support 24/7, dedicated bandwidth, ability to connect multiple computers easily and no external antennae is required.

Having Broadband ADSL also allows our customers to take full advantage of Netspeak, C&W’s Voice Over Internet Protocol system.

This product is the most cost effective way to make and receive international phone calls. Visit our website www.candw.ky for more information.