Gordon Solomon one-man show

Local full-time artist Gordon Solomon is to have his first ever one-man show opening next month.

The Savannah-based artist is to hold his True Colours exhibition at the Grand Lobby of the Westin Casaurina Hotel. The opening night of 25 piece show is Wednesday, 14 September. It is due to run until Wednesday, 12 October.

Raised in Rock Hole, George Town, the 28-year-old Native Son member is comfortable working in a number of mediums and enjoys experimenting with different styles.

The exhibition as he sees it is based on Cayman past and present and includes a sample of recent works. With the show the painter is hoping to achieve a closer rapport with his audience as to what Cayman represents culturally and socially.

‘It’s great to be part of Cayman’s foundation in the arts. I’m given this duty as an artist… to be creative and to share a part of my life and the history of these Islands.’

Culturally connected

Gordon Solomon defines himself as a cultural artist. ‘I basically try to emulate, reflect and remind people of simplicity because when one accepts ones culture one accepts the simplicity of him or herself.

‘We live in a world were we are all the same, culture is the total opposite.’

All artwork in the show will be for sale and prints are available on request. The artist also works on commissions from his studio and can be reached on 947-5972.

His prints are mainly limited editions. His most recent run was the Botanical series, which features the Hibiscus and other native flora.

So far this year, Gordon Solomon has shown at the McCoy Prize Exhibition and Competition, Cayfest at the Grand Pavilion in April and January’s [email protected]

As a member of the Native Sons art collective, Gordon Solomon will be showing a selection of his pieces from next 12 August until October 15.