Legislation for disabled reviewed

Law and regulations designed to assist the disabled were being reviewed to give the legislation and its enforcement some teeth, Minister Arden McLean told the Cabinet press briefing.

Mr. McLean, who said he was grateful for the press coverage of disability issues, told the Friday briefing he felt there were a number of anomalies in the regulations that created difficulties for the disabled.

The problem of illegal parking and the enforcement of the law to deal with it, particularly in George Town, were being looked at, he said.

Mr. McLean, saying that charity began at home, pointed out that the Glass House was lacking in facilities for the disabled such as rails and ramps and said he was writing to the Leader of Government Business about that.

He said that only that morning he had looked out of his office and seen five cars parked on the pavement.

Those guilty of such things would end up with their cars impounded, he warned.