NS committee has an eye for beauty

The residents of North Side are bent on making their district look the best of all in the Cayman Islands.

Many answered the appeal this past weekend to gather up discarded trash like derelict washing machines, useless refrigerators and non-agitating washing machines and place them curb side for trash pickup.

The pickup continues this week.

While North Siders were encouraged to clean up their own trash this past weekend, members of the North Side Beautification Committee will gather Saturday morning to help their neighbours get the district clean.

The decision to clean the district has been in the forefront for many in North Side, but culminated into action Thursday night at a meeting at the home of Brian and Mitzie Tomlinson in Old Man Bay.

Nearly 30 people gathered around the Tomlinsons’ front porch to hear CUC’s Joey Ebanks, a North Side native, explain the programme.

North Side’s is one of seven district beautification committees working with Government and one that has an eye toward the future as it relates to commerce and light tourism, he said.

‘None of that can come about until we get everything cleaned up,’ he said. ‘We need to have a nice, pristine North Side district.’

He said North Side needed to adopt something like former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Broken Window theory, in which the smaller signs of disorder – such as graffiti and vandalism – are suppressed, to alter the perception that a neighbourhood is out of control.

In only two years, serious crime had been reduced by more than one-third and murder by almost half in New York City.

North Side isn’t plagued with the problems of a major city, but the district can be made to look better, Mr. Ebanks said.

‘The more beautiful a district and community, the crime rate drops,’ he said.

An effort will be made to ensure houses along the main road are beautified and that the roadsides are clear of debris, garbage and trash.

There is also a plan to beautify the roadsides with flowering plants.

Other plans include adoption of traffic islands and dressing up the entrance to North Side at the juncture of Bodden Town and Frank Sound roads.

‘I am interested in seeing an arch over the Frank Sound intersection with bougainvilleas and a saying,’ Mrs. Tomlinson said.

Also being eyed for beautification are district cemeteries and beaches.

Elected secretary for the North Side Beautification Committee was Sharon Ebanks; treasurer is Bunyan Whittaker Jr.

The next meeting will be at 7pm, 8 September at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson.

How to help

North Side residents are encouraged to clean up their yards and deposit collected trash on the curb this week. A grabber truck will pick up the trash daily, beginning at 7am.