Key issue delays House

As the politicians gathered on Monday to deal with some of the country’s key financial issues, it was another key issue that proved to be a stumbling block.

Proceedings in the Legislative Assembly were an hour late in starting because the key to the box holding the ceremonial mace could apparently not be immediately located.

When the House did begin its work – to consider a motion for approval of the government’s Strategic Policy Statement – Speaker Edna Moyle explained what had happened.

Mrs. Moyle said the House had no Sergeant at Arms at present and that the RCIP had been loaning them a police officer to serve as one.

She said it appeared the police had not been notified that the House was resuming on Monday and so there had been a delay before the arrival of the key.

With a security man serving as Sergeant at Arms and with the mace in place, the politicians were able to bat on with things.