Shutters could be hazardous

I realise the inconvenience, time, effort and expense in removing the plywood that still boards up several people’s homes and I totally understand that it seems much easier to simply leave it in situ for the entire hurricane season rather than stress out with re-boarding every time there is a hurricane watch.

However, it worries me that this means most of these houses now only have one entrance/exit to the building.

Have the residents in such places considered the more probable disaster of a fire in their home?

If their only escape route is blocked by raging flames or suffocating smoke, so easily started where there are candles, old electrical equipment, stoves, microwaves etc, which are, of course, in every home, then please imagine how they would break through a window that’s been panelled up to protect it from 150 mile an hour winds.

Similarly for hurricanes, most companies establish a plan of action in the event of a fire so why at home do we all have a disaster plan for hurricanes when there is the possibility of a more everyday threat such as a fire.

How would you escape from each room in your home?

Name withheld by request