Garbage dump reorganised

Cayman’s ever growing ‘Mount Rubbish’ garbage dump has not yet reached a crisis situation, Minister Arden McLean said on Friday.

Staff had reorganised things and with further reorganisation he believed the landfill had a number of years left in it.

Mr. McLean told the Cabinet press briefing that he had recently toured the country’s solid waste facilities.

Reorganisation of the George Town dump was being looked at to make best use of the land they had, he said.

Mr. McLean said he had representations from a number of companies about possible alternative methods of disposal of solid waste and various proposals and recommendations were being looked at.

Mr. McLean also said that the recycling programme was to recommence shortly.

The ash cell was expected to be finished in the coming weeks and then the contaminated ash could be moved, he told the briefing.

They had contracted with an overseas company to put a liner into the cell and that was expected to be here in a couple of weeks, he said.

There were an estimated 400 to 500 cars at the dump and they had to be disposed of, said Mr. McLean.

There were also about 30,000 tyres to be disposed of, he added.

In answer to a question, Mr. McLean said he was not aware of the acceptance of cars being stopped at the dump but he was aware that MC Restoration had been told not to collect any more cars and to crush those currently stored behind CUC.

Mr. McLean commented on the reluctance over the years of some people to come forward and pay their garbage fees.

He appealed to the public that it was essential to get that money so that methods of disposal could be funded.