Collins is broadband VP

Suzanne Collins has been appointed Vice President Broadband for Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd.

Mrs. Collins is a computer science graduate from the University of South Florida with more than seven years experience with Cable & Wireless.

Although the youngest ever named VP at Cable & Wireless, at 29 years, Mrs. Collins is well prepared for her responsibility of developing products and services for the Broadband market. She already has a remarkable history with the company, having been the recipient of the Chief Executive’s Award for Excellence 2004.

‘I am very pleased to formally name Suzanne as the Vice President Broadband,’ said Ian Tibbetts Cable & Wireless Chief Operating Officer. ‘She has been an integral member of our team and I am confident she will make a major contribution to the VP team in her new role.’

Originally from Jamaica, Mrs. Collins has been an integral part of the Broadband Department since its inception. She has excelled in her roles, first as programme Manager, then product manager for broadband. In her new role she will focus on the broadband customer experience and work on bridging the digital divide.

‘In my new role, I will focus on developing a competitive strategy for both the fixed voice and broadband portfolios,’ she said.

Cable & Wireless first offered Broadband ADSL in the Cayman Islands in 2001. Since then, with improvements in technology, broadband is available on all three islands. Also available are a range of other services ranging from direct Internet access for businesses to wireless services in public facilities called hot spots.

Another service new to Cayman and recently launched by Cable & Wireless is a Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP service called NetSpeak. ‘This service has revolutionised the way our customers contact their friends and family overseas,’ said Collins. ‘This is the most cost effective way to keep in touch,’ she said.

The first program launched by the newly promoted VP is an increase in bandwidth speeds for current customers. ‘I want to make sure that Broadband ADSL is available and affordable to everyone,’ Mrs. Collins said. ‘That is why we have increased speeds and introduced the lowest high speed internet plan available today in the Cayman Islands. For $40 a month, customers now have ADSL access at a very reasonable price. Cable & Wireless will continue to be your most reliable and best value provider for Broadband’

At Cable & Wireless, high speed internet access comes standard with value added benefits such as reliability, customer service availability 24/7, dedicated bandwidth and the convenience of a single line for phone, fax and internet service.

Mrs. Collins plans to offer customers even greater value with a variety of upcoming products. ‘Our range of products will continue to grow. Customers should continue to expect reliability and the very latest technology from Cable & Wireless.’

Mrs. Collins enjoys baking and is the proud mother of one-year-old Alexa and the spouse of local Attorney David Collins.

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