Today’s Editorial August 17: CAL task is daunting

Cayman Airways certainly had its nay-sayers back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

A recession was looming and many were unsure a national carrier would survive.

Flash forward 37 tears and we find the nay-sayers erred. Cayman Airways has succeeded in representing the Cayman Islands and getting residents and visitors safely to and from the islands.

Today the airline finds itself with the daunting task of taking stock in its business plans and addressing certain issues.

First and foremost is the need to come up with a plan to keep the airline economically viable; a huge task when faced with increasing worldwide oil prices.

But it is an exercise Cayman Airway must undertake.

The way forward is simple, said Mr. Mike Adam, director and CEO of the airline.

The company has to simplify business and chase revenue opportunities. Hand in hand with that is the task of clarifying the national carrier’s purpose and identifying areas where CAL can improve stability.

Sounds easy on paper; sounds like a major challenge in reality.

Just take a look at Air Jamaica. The beleaguered national carrier has been taken over by the government in Jamaica and is suffering with lightened passenger loads, missed flights and general bad attitude from staff and passengers.

Anyone who had their doubts about Cayman Airways need look only at the numbers. The company doubled its route structure in just 18 months. Today there is a staff of 320 people.

The airline really proved itself following Hurricane Ivan in September when it lifted thousands of people off the badly bruised and battered Grand Cayman. Only a national carrier could have performed so admirably.

While other airlines throughout the world figure out how to operate, pay staff and turn a profit, Cayman Airways is taking the approach of forward thinking.

It’s how any good business is run.

The end result could mean some mainstreaming of certain areas within Cayman Airways.

In the end we are confident that Cayman Airways will continue to offer this country superb service while maintaining a business with integrity.