July air arrivals down

Air arrivals for July this year are down to nearly half of the figure for the corresponding month last year, according to the most recently released statistics from the Department of Tourism.

Cruise arrivals for July 2005 are down nearly 30 per cent on last year.

The total air arrivals figure for July just gone is 16,610 while 2004’s figure stands at 33,118, down 16,508 people or 49.8 per cent. However, to put it in context, in July this year just over 40 per cent of pre-Ivan room stock was available on all three islands.

In July, the amount of air arrivals from the United States was down 56.2 per cent, from Europe down 34.5 per cent and from Canada down 15 per cent. Visitors from other destinations were down 32.5 per cent.

July of this year has the lowest air arrivals figure for the last five years. 2000 shows a figure of 34,004, 2001 has 32,255, 2002 has 28,844 and 2003 has 26,491.

Cruise tourism for July was down 29.62 per cent on 2004’s equivalent. July of this year stands at 86,539, down 36,428 people on the previous year’s 122,967 figure for that same month.