New CI driver’s licence introduced

The Cayman Islands has a new CI driver’s licence.

Introduced in early October, the updated licence now serves as a valid form of identification overseas, said a GIS press release.

‘With such a large number of people travelling from Cayman to destinations all around the world, we could not ignore the need to ensure that our licences met international standards,’ said David Dixon, Director of the Department of Vehicle Licensing and Transport.

‘Our customers can now be confident that the CI licence is recognised as an authentic document of identification.’

Plasco ID Inc. of Florida provided technical expertise with the development and security features of the new card.

The 10 elements that now modernise the CI driver’s licence are:

Security features to prevent unauthorized duplications;

Personal information-gender, eye and hair colour, height, disability: all stated on front;

Department logo as hologram, for authenticity;

All seven categories of licences listed on back of licence;

The four types of licences are specified on back of card;

Colour borders around picture of licence holder to indicate type of licence;

Five different learners’ conditions are specified at back of the licence;

Disabilities are listed at the back of the licence;

Signature of issuing officer at the back of the licence;

Background behind photo is now blue (previously red).

The previous features are still listed on the new card. These include:

First issue date of licence is listed on the back;

Licence number, type, date of issue, expiry date, group, date of birth and signature of holder are specified on front of licence;

Map of the three islands as background of licence.

The new licence will also serve another purpose: with the impending introduction of the new graduated licensing programme, the updated licence will be used to identify drivers at whichever stage they are at.

Persons with a licence issued prior to October 2005 have the option to replace their old licence ahead of schedule by filling out an application form and paying a fee of CI$20. Otherwise, persons can simply wait until their current licence expires and receive the new one upon renewal.

For more information, contact the department at 945-8344.

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