Supermarket stocks getting back to normal

By Friday supermarkets in Grand Cayman anticipated being back to normal with groceries following a week of bare shelves and waiting for cargo that could not make it into the port because of stormy seas.

Wednesday afternoon the Port Authority began accepting cargo ships into port and unloading at the dock following a week of stormy, rough seas brought about by Hurricane Wilma’s passage through the Caribbean Sea.

‘We’re back to normal,’ was the word from Foster’s Food Fair where deliveries had started arriving Wednesday, and by Thursday they were getting in the second and third shipments. Although some of the milk had spoiled a fresh delivery from another ship on Friday would replace that. With the next shipment coming yesterday and the store’s supplier in Miami unaffected by Hurricane Wilma stock should be coming in as normal from here on in, said management.

Hurley’s Marketplace received containers from a ship Wednesday evening and Thursday was getting another shipload in. Although some fresh produce in the first load had spoiled, it was expected that with the next delivery by Friday morning the supermarket would be adequately stocked and back to normal again.

However, as business with its Miami supplier is uncertain since Hurricane Wilma, the store is looking globally for getting supplies this week and will do everything it can to maintain stock at a normal level, said management.

Kirk Supermarket received its first shipment Wednesday and was expecting another in Thursday afternoon and hoped to be functioning as normal today. Its next shipment is due in on Tuesday from one of its suppliers in Florida that was not affected by Wilma.

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