Today’s Editorial Nov.01: School traffic zones good

Plans are in the works to establish 15-mile-per-hour traffic zones at school crossings throughout the Cayman Islands.

We think it’s an idea whose time has come and commend the parents in Savannah that suggested the idea as well as Minister Arden McLean who informed the public of the plans Friday.

We hope the amendment will have some teeth in it, making life uncomfortable for offenders via fines or possibly even jail time.

Once the Traffic Law is amended to reflect the change, it will take all of us to make sure the new law works.

Motorists are already encouraged to slow down at school zones, but many don’t seem to give a whit about the lives of the children who are trying to safely get to school.

There is too much speeding and not enough patience in these zones.

Our school children are the future of the Cayman Islands. We should treat them with the utmost care as they trek to classes each day.

While we know the police department is short handed, it would be refreshing to see each school zoned manned by a police officer to further encourage drivers to slow down and watch out for children.

Drivers are encouraged to be courteous at all times, but especially in school zones where children are being dropped off or picked up.

The necessity to legislate lower speed limits in schools is just another example of how people in the Cayman Islands have let something get so out of control that Government has to step in.

Drivers should be using their own common sense and courtesy to make sure school zones are safe.

But they haven’t and now Government has to take action.

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and using public roadways is not a right; it’s a privilege.

And it’s a privilege that should be taken away from anyone who abuses it, especially those who put the lives of our young children in danger in school zones.