Another upset Indies owner

Thank you for the front page headline regarding Indies Suites.

I am not going to go on and on about what we have lost, as we do believe that the people of Cayman have lost so much more than the Popp family.

Not only were your homes and belongings destroyed, you live with the daily efforts of rebuilding and the emotional effects of Ivan, and, as we have been reading, an increase in crime.

We watched the dvd on Ivan and were astounded at how much progress we saw when we were on island this spring.

You are awesome!

Be proud!

We hope to some day be able to return and enjoy your island, and view with awe, the heart and soul you have put into rebuilding.

We would not come back based on our negative experience with the Fosters. We simply cannot afford to come back year after year as we have since we purchased our first of two weeks in 1993.

Our investment allowed us the unique ability to be able to afford to visit the island annually for two weeks. We were able to shop ( my specialty! ) , dive, dine, and take part in many more activities on the island.

Not only have the Fosters of Indies Suites robbed us, they have also robbed their fellow Caymanians.

We would love nothing more than to be able to return to the Island and spend our dollars to help boost the Cayman economy!

It’s the least we could do after years and years of having the privilege of being able to use and enjoy Cayman!

Unfortunately, due to the greed, it may be many years before we set site on the sunsets of Cayman. We thank the hardworking, honest, loyal, humble people of Cayman for the years and years of hospitality they have shown us.

It kept us coming back again and again. It is what will draw us back again someday.

Chris Popp

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