Deport non-Caymanian criminals

I have an idea.

After reading an article in the paper about the threat of the prison becoming overpopulated with criminals, I thought to myself, instead of opening another prison to house these villains, send all of them (who are not Caymanian by birth), back to where they came from and let them run havoc in their own country.

Yes, I say deport them without the chance of returning to our lovely islands.

Additionally, if they have status (and are not Caymanian by birth), they should lose the right to that privilege and the same action should apply.

This will hopefully keep the prison population to a minimum and enable us law abiding citizens to live in a community that isn’t threatened, amongst other things, by thuggery or (lets face it) jail breaks.

Furthermore I can only imagine the cost of building, running and maintaining a new prison would be extremely high. Wouldn’t money be better spent by installing CCTVs everywhere?

Or have a clean-up of the island – i.e. anyone who is not Caymanian by birth and/or does not have status or a permit, send them packing.

They are only cluttering up our exquisite islands – and I’m sure in most cases committing crimes.

Bring in the ID system and any other procedures it takes to get our island(s) back to the safe and unthreatened environment that once was.

The status lottery should never have happened.

If ever there was a bad idea by the then-leader of government, it was at that time.

People who have status (especially gained through the means of the lottery) should work if they are able. So many things need to change, and soon.

Name withheld by request

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