New board dedicated to stopping crime

As you will probably be aware the Cayman Crime Stoppers program has had a new Board of Directors appointed with the objective of re-vitalising the program and increasing the public awareness of 800-TIPS.

The initial objectives of the new Board are as follows:

To test and prove the confidentiality and effectiveness of the program.

To increase awareness of Cayman Crime Stoppers.

To increase the types of crimes that can be reported to 800-TIPS.

But most importantly to provide a safe, secure and completely confidential medium for those who have valuable information that can solve these crimes.

I greatly appreciate the positive response I have received from some of you as I am sure you will agree that this is a community problem and can only be fixed by the involvement of all residents of the Cayman Islands.

Over the next few weeks, and months, Cayman Crime Stoppers will be providing you with valuable information which will assist us in achieving our objectives and I thank you in advance if you can offer any support or assistance in getting the information out to the public.

In the meantime, remember that the phone number for Cayman Crime Stoppers is 800-TIPS or 800-8477, note that there is not a 1 in front of the 800. When you give out the number please also mention that all calls are completely confidential and answered overseas and that information given may result in a reward of up $1,000.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Cayman Crime Stoppers has an email address for anyone who would like to request additional information on the program.

Thanks to the generous support of Cable & Wireless, who also provide the 800-TIPS phone line free of charge, we can now be contacted at [email protected]

We are not set up to receive information or tips via email so when referring to the email address please indicate that it is only to be used for general enquiries and for persons wishing to volunteer their time or support to Cayman Crime Stoppers.

I thank you again for your support and assistance and look forward to our continued relationship.

Stuart T Bostock


Cayman Crime Stoppers

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