Offer made to go green

I read with interest your article by Catherine MacGillivray on August 10 and the editorial August 15th regarding Sonny Rhian and his inability to license his electric vehicle.

I am one of the owners of a small manufacturing concern in Alva, Oklahoma, USA, that produces the totally electric, zero-emissions vehicle that Sonny Rhian has purchased.

Electric vehicles, like our units, are used in resort areas throughout the USA, in airports and zoos, by municipalities, cities and state governments to name a few.

Many individuals are using electric vehicles as a second vehicle. All for the purpose of reducing the number of combustion engine vehicles needed for transporting people, equipment, maintenance of facilities and parks, postal delivery, etc. Not to mention the daily rising cost of fuel.

The list goes on and on.

Our electric vehicles are produced based on US Federal government requirements.

Our facility can adapt our units for almost any additional requirements a city, state or country might demand.

All of this reduces the extreme amount of emissions produced by today’s combustion engines, something that a small, thriving community like yours, and mine, should be delighted and thrilled to be able to do.

In closing, I would hope and encourage your local government officials to re-examine the licensing requirements for these electric vehicles and approve their use on your island.

Maybe even consider electric vehicles for government use on the island.

I know this letter is lengthy, but I have only touched the surface of the potential of totally electric, zero-emission vehicles in today’s environment.

I encourage you to review our web-site at just to see the potential and benefits of going electric.

I sincerely appreciate your time.

Jim Pfeiffer


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