Put things in perspective

What a self-absorbed society we are quickly becoming again.

How swiftly the painful lessons of Ivan are been forgotten.

Meaningful time is committed to paper to publicly pen our personal dissatisfaction of spending five painful diminutive minutes enduring an unwelcome intermission at the cinema.

I have a home theatre system with large screen TV and a reasonably enviable DVD collection. I too enjoy going to the movie and dislike the interruption of an intermission. But I have more important things to publicly concern myself with.

Think of the benefits of the intermission:

An opportunity to reflect on the time when Ivan pulverized us and wiped out every form of entertainment including satellite, local TV, radio, video games, dvd rentals, theatres and cinemas.

An opportunity for those with acute bladder challenges to time their trip to the bathroom without interrupting those mesmerized by the movie.

An opportunity not to miss that important nano-second picture scene that makes sense of memorable movies such as ‘go ahead make my day.’

An opportunity to enter into meaningful discussion about the possible ending of the film or answer those important missed calls.

But seriously in the aftermath of “Killer Katrina” that recently devastated Louisiana and Mississippi, lets us reflect on the unwelcome interruptions in our lives, such as spending hours in sun-soaked dehydrating long grocery lines for life’s basic necessities, rationed imposed shopping, curfews, cash purchases only, price gouging and extortion, waiting in long lines at the gas pump for fuel, noisy generators and getting up in the night to fill tanks, uncomfortable hot days and nights, hanging hand-washed clothes on make-shift cloth lines, leaky tarped roofs, bucket bathing, smelly toilets, scavenging the hardware stores for building materials, a great thirst for the luxury of ice, etc, etc.

Let’s not forget the past and once again lose our perspective of live. We don’t need another timely reminder from another act of God.

Name withheld by request

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