Stem CI crime now

I want to give your readers a visitor’s insight on the crime problem discussion that your country is having right now.

As background let me state that my Phoenix, Arizona family has visited your beautiful country yearly for the last 10 years. This is the first year that I’ve read so many headlines and editorials dealing with crime and violent crime for that matter.

But it is encouraging that your government has accepted the responsibility of dealing with this problem. Let me say this, the Cayman Islands do not have a crime problem. The U.S. has the out-of-control crime problem. Cayman only has a seedling, so it is imperative to nip it in the bud right now and develop safeguards to protect it from returning.

As the Cayman Islands debate the issues look at the United States and please do not repeat the mistakes that are destroying my country from within. You have a wonderful country, a model for all nations to emulate. Caymanians, I implore you, do everything in your power to protect it.

Here in the U.S. it is so disheartening to witness that our leaders have lost sight of what truly defines our nation. They have lost sight of the true purpose of a national government. The main purpose of national government is to protect your nation’s language, borders and culture. It is imperative that you do what you must to protect all three. This is the root of the problem here in the US and I see it just starting on Grand Cayman. Don’t repeat our mistakes.

Let the Cayman Islands remain the shining beacon of light of what a God-honouring country can and should be.

No. 1 – Preserve English as the only official language. This is becoming a huge problem in the US.

No. 2 – Protect your borders. This is even a bigger problem in the US. If even only some of the criminal element is coming from beyond your shores, you need to institute visa requirements. Do not delay. Get it done.

No. 3 – Protect your culture. For example, if the Governor has historically worn ceremonial dress, then preserve the custom. That’s part of Cayman’s rich heritage.

Do not take God out of your schools and your government. The United States started doing this in the 1960s and look at the moral decay and decadence that has happened here since then.

Most importantly, preserve and strengthen the family. The simple fact is that a young man who is raised in a God-fearing home by loving parents and knows the blessing of his father does not normally become a criminal.

Enact laws that provide the police with the tools and the funding that they need. Demand that your courts deliver harsh, swift punishment. Hold your officials accountable. Their purpose is to protect the public.

Bolster and improve all levels of education. Develop high academic expectations and standards. With education will come the opportunity for good jobs.

The Cayman Islands may not be the biggest, but you are by far the best nation in the world.

Thank you for your deliberation.

Dr. Wesley A. Harper

Phoenix, Arizona


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