Unprofessional work won’t do

I am very curious as to what the requirements are for someone to declare themselves in business as construction professionals in the Cayman Islands.

As a condo owner, I had much work that needed to be done in both my first and second floor units after Hurricane Ivan. Some of the work done was of a very high caliber; however, I am still dealing with so-called professionals who apparently are not qualified to be doing construction work.

For example:
1. Every seam shows in the new carpet I had installed in my bedroom. The quality of the installation is very poor and the interior design store I purchased it from refuses to do anything about it.
2. I had new kitchen cabinets built. The cabinets were supposed to be finished in January. The builder finally decided he was finished in June. I have been arguing with him ever since in regard to the shoddy, amateurish job he did. The counter tops are not even the right size or color.

However, he continues to threaten to rip the cabinets out if I do not pay him the balance of the bill. He has also threatened me, physically. He simply needs to finish the work properly and he will be paid; he refuses to do so. Also, I have now heard comments that he may not even have had a permit to be doing the work.

These are only two examples of the shoddy workmanship I have encountered on Grand Cayman.

Does Grand Cayman have what would be the equivalent of the Better Business Bureau? These unqualified people need to be stopped. If anyone would like to view this poor quality work, please email me at [email protected]. I would be happy to show this work to you and give you the names of the professionals involved so that no one else has to make the mistake of dealing with these people.

Yvonne Sturm

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