Tour agency sends Cozumel aid

Touched by the plight of the hurricane-hit people of Mexico, a Cayman company laid on a mercy flight of relief supplies to the stricken region.

In a chartered airplane – paid for by private donations – the Tour Company Cayman took 2,000 pounds of essentials including canned foods, water, clothing and baby items into Cozumel.

The Tour Company’s Bryon Kelly went in with the load just days after the storm had passed and, after the goods were unloaded, had one hour to take a look around.

‘The community was already working together there to rebuild and clean up their country.

‘The streets were filled with thousands of people bagging trash and debris, trying to clear their streets,’ he said.

‘The devastation was evident but the morale of the people was very encouraging,’ said Mr. Kelly.

‘Cruise piers there were severely damaged and tourism will suffer, sadly, similarly to the way ours did,’ he added.

‘After the trials we went through with Ivan we understood how difficult a time this must be for our Caribbean neighbours and wanted to offer help in any way we could,’ said Mr. Kelly.

‘The owner of the Tour Company – Gene Thompson – initiated the idea and we then decided to make it happen.

‘We were amazed at how our community offered help when we decided to go forward with this project.

‘We were literally turning away offers for items because of the weight restriction on the airplane,’ he said.

Mr. Kelly is saying a big thank you to Progressive (Fosters), Cayman Islands Health Services, Cayman Airways and everyone else who gave contributions, donations and help.

‘The people of Cozumel wanted me to say a big thank you to everyone who made this such a successful trip,’ said Mr. Kelly.

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