Activities at Heroes Square a disgrace

Please allow me space in your newspaper to protest the use of Heroes Square for dancing, dispensing drugs (yes alcohol is a drug), and partying with loud provocative and sexual suggestive music.

This is a national disgrace and insulting dishonour to the founding fathers and mothers of this beautiful country we all enjoy today, that are honoured in Heroes Square.

I am not aware who allowed this disgraceful act to take place, I trust it was not the Chief Justice who used the opening of the Grand Court forum in 2003 to ensure nothing was being constructed around the Court House that may have reduced the honour and justice of the Courts.

I am not aware nor do I care who held or sponsored this function in ‘Heroes Square, it is the principle I am defending.

Heroes Square was dedicated and sanctified on January 27, 2003 in the presence of several thousand Caymanians, residents and visitors most of whom have relatives who have been honoured in this place.

This kind of function simply should not be allowed to take place in this hallowed place. What will be next; weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, launching of alcohol products under the beautiful Cayman Royal Palms.

As usual I do not like to identify problems or place blame and responsibility without being willing to do my part in the solving of these problems, so through this media. as I have done privately with the PS in the Ministry now responsible (who is probably the only person in Cayman who cares as passionately about Heroes Square as I do) to act as chairman of a caretaking committee for Heroes Square.

In addition to controlling the use of this park as chairman I would be willing to raise the necessary funds to maintain it properly from private contributions, relieving the Government of this expense.

I appeal to all Caymanians, residents and visitors to treat Heroes Square with the respect it disserves.

The National Quincentennial Committee and the Government of the day recognized the practiced use of this area for meetings etc. and raised the necessary funds to construct the alternative site on the other side of the Court House Quincentennial Park that includes a performance stage with electricity etc. for these events, so there can be no excuse to use Heroes Square.

Ezzard Miller

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