Don’t dictate to Cayman

Mr. Jamaica Prime Minster, how dare you to come to our island and warn us and tell our Government and the people of this country what to do.

In fact you should not have been invited to come here and have anything to say in our affairs.

For the first time in my life I feel ashamed to be a Caymanian.

Why? Because I now know there are Caymanians or half-breed Caymanians who would stoop to allow this to take place.

Every Caymanian who has self respect and concern for this Island needs to ask himself where we are going now.

We can’t have grudge minded foreigners who are in worse condition than we are come to this country and tell us how to run our show.

It’s a down right shame and disgrace to try and tell the government what to do about the safety concerns of the people of Cayman.

I do not see or hear of the leaders of this island ever going to Jamaica and speaking out on any issue they impose.

That country is run very differently from the Cayman Islands and from the day we broke away from Jamaica controlling us we have been envied for our peaceful way of life and stable economy.

Mr. Prime Minister as I read articles about your governance in the past, I was of the opinion that you were a man not to be intimidated. I used to look up to you although I have never met you.

What needs to be done is some educating and counselling in your country teaching them to behave when they go to other people’s countries.

Why should the people of Cayman be subjected to the vile acts of rape, drug pushers and gun toting cowboys of foreign countries whose only intention is to put fear in the hearts of Caymanians, decent Jamaicans and other foreign nationals who want to be peaceful.

Mr. Prime Minister you should have a meeting in Jamaica with your Chamber of Commerce and warn them about taking their dirty habits overseas.

We do not appreciate you visiting our island and having the audacity to warn us about something that is needed.

I have not seen the presidents of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Cuba or any else coming here and telling us what to do.

We do not want this island to become so politically motivated that decent people don’t want to live here.

Before that takes place it is better that we quit and hand Cayman over to all those who so grudgefully want it.

But Hell and brimstone fire upon the heads of those who encourage this shameful way of trying to intimidate the ruling of our government.

Why do you think some decent hard working Jamaicans have come here for refuge and have been allowed to become Caymanians?

It is because they ran away from crime and bad mindedness.

They want to enjoy what they work for; they want to sleep at nights without hearing gun shots, to be able to drive out their gates.

Cayman was about the only peaceful place left on this earth, and we are so begrudged by other countries. I say we take a stand; I mean everybody who wants to live peacefully, which includes Jamaicans.

I always said that if Cayman went to war that Jamaicans would fight with us.

I am not sure now. Evil spirits have been surrounding us for sometime now; even prayers that are behind offered by some churches are becoming evil and outrageous.

My God, what has happened to this place?

Mr. Prime Minister one of the best suggestions you offered was to change our own immigration policies.

I sincerely hope that would include, imposing a visa system against Caymanians. That would be the best thing to happen.

Then those lazy Caymanians who do not want to work would get a job and stop going to Jamaica to look for ganja, guns and roses.

It would be the best thing to ever happen to Cayman from the day it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Why don’t you, Mr. Prime Minister, go to Honduras, Nicaguara, Canada, UK, Costa Rica and all the other countries that have a visa system in place and tell them what to do?

No, it must be the Cayman Islands. Why?

I hope this government will not be manipulated by any country that wants to run our show.

We will see how the cards are played.

This is the last straw that broke the camels back. Now let us sit back and watch the game. God help us. What a shame.

Name withheld by request

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