Nice evening was ruined

Recently there was a competition on at the Wave Pool in Grand Harbour.

There were many competitors and spectators present and so the parking lot was full.

As we were going to have dinner at Castaways’, we found a spot which did not interfere with anything and parked there, not noticing some tiny signs on the fence on the other side of the road, saying ‘no parking’.

In any case it was after 7pm and we weren’t near a hydrant or anything.

To our horror when we came back to the car there was a red sticker on it saying the car had been clamped.

Luckily we didn’t take the sticker to be an advert and just ignored it, or severe damage would have occurred to our car.

The gentleman taking the fines had a veritable queue of enraged people in front of him, each of whom had to pay $75 before he would take the clamp off.

Now I may be wrong but I thought only the police could take fines and this was to be paid to Parking Management Services – anyone ever heard of them?

Is this even legal? Legal or not, it sure isn’t going to entice anyone back to Grand Harbour which was finally beginning to show a spark of life.

Strangely enough the huge truck parked behind us was right next to a fire hydrant and had not been clamped.

I would just like to make it clear that Castaways Grill had nothing to do with the fine – we had a great evening there.

Name withheld by request

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