Keep hold of Caymanian traditions

I read with interest the recent article, ‘Sunday music considered’.

Here we just had a week to celebrate our heritage and we read that the government was considering letting yet another part of our heritage go in the name of tourism.

Tourists travel to a destination, Cayman or any other, to experience the unique things that destination has to offer.

They do not go to see and do what they could just anywhere.

If we continue to change and become just like any city in the US can we still expect tourists from that country to spend money to come here?

One thing that many tourists speak very highly of when they come to Cayman is the peace and tranquility.

Unfortunately, over the years we have done away with much of that.

Sunday is the only day of the week left to experience any of it, so hopefully we can keep it that way.

We have already lost so much that is truly Caymanian but it is not too late to hold on to what we have left.

Let us be proud of our heritage instead of trying to be like everyone else.

Laura Ebanks

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