Traffic tangles being tackled

Ongoing efforts to improve the traffic situation on Cayman’s roads were outlined to the Cabinet press briefing on Thursday.

On the subject of the Harquail Bypass, Minister Arden McLean said there had recently been a meeting with developer Michael Ryan.

He had confirmed that when the road reached Ritz property, he would be prepared to complete his section through, said Mr. McLean.

The Cabinet had recently gazetted a piece of property that would be needed at the roundabout on West Bay Road to reconfigure the road and to alleviate some of the traffic.

Mr. McLean appealed to motorists to adhere to the no left turn restriction in operation at certain times near Indies Suites.

Some traffic was turning left there and exiting at Lime Tree Bay which caused further traffic congestion, he told the briefing.

In recent weeks police had ticketed a number of motorists taking that turn, he said.

It was hoped the reconfiguration of the roundabout at the Galleria would alleviate some of the traffic problems, he added.

Government knew it needed to alleviate the problem on West Bay Road and was working as fast as possible to get it done.

Mr. McLean said he also had sympathy with people travelling in from the Eastern Districts particularly in regard to the situation near the Texaco station in Savannah.

It was hoped to soon get a proposal on the reconfiguration of that road, he told the briefing.

It was believed the engineers felt it was necessary to extend the two lanes coming out of Newlands further down the road.

Mr. McLean thanked people for their patience at the roundabout on Elgin Avenue where work had caused some traffic restriction.