Police step up road blocks

Island-wide campaign

Road blocks to catch offenders can be expected any time, any place, new police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan has warned.

The warning came after news of the success of an operation last Friday was given in an RCIP press release.

Bodden Town police officers were involved between 9pm and midnight on Shamrock Road and the junction with Condor Avenue.

During the operation 14 traffic tickets were issued for offences ranging from failing to display a current vehicle licence to failing to display proper licence plates and defective light offences.

A total of three arrests were made for offences including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without being licensed and being wanted on warrant.

‘These road blocks will be seen not only in George Town but island-wide,’ said Mr. Kernohan.

‘Road blocks can be expected to be seen at any time throughout the island in our continuing efforts to apprehend offenders,’ he said.

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