Teen magazine Skoop launched

A new quarterly teen magazine, Skoop, was launched at a glitzy party held last Saturday evening at the King’s Sports Centre from 7pm.

According to the organisers, up to 2,000 people attended the event, hosted by DJ Raphael.

A host of local acts were on hand to keep everyone entertained, from dance group BlaqFX, to marshal arts demonstrations by Purple Dragon Kids. EVA models showcased a selection of clothes from local boutiques including One[345]Ltd, Standards by Atlantic and Cayman Jam Boutique.

During the event the audience were introduced to the 67 page magazine which aims to keep the teenagers of the Cayman Islands up-to-date with the latest fashion, music, food, health, beauty, cars, games and more.

Various sections of Skoop, including MakeOver, Young Achievers, Fashion Watch and Published Works were introduced by way of a presentation, while the magazine was projected on to the stage as a colourful backdrop.

The audience were also encouraged to check out Skoop’s website, www.skoop.ky, which will make life easier for teens interested in participating either in modelling, writing or sending in poems or artworks for the magazine, according to a release.

In addition, Skoop’s junior writers were introduced at the event; 15-year-old Shaion Barnes, 12-year-old Anne Lauer, 13-year-old Jordan Mclaughline, 12-year old Elena McDonough, Joshua Mclaughlin and Khrisna Henry.

Commenting on the launch of Skoop, Melissa Maristela, account executive, said: ‘Skoop is the only magazine made for the young people in Cayman. We hope to encourage more involvement in the succeeding issues from the students, teachers, parents and if possible the entire Cayman community.’

The first issue, out now, features celebrity and fashion information, interviews with local school kids, fashion makeovers, best buys as well Cover Girl Josephine Shibli and real life story of Raejani Lopez’s battle with Cancer.

Skoop is available at Office Worx, School Worx, Hurleys, Fosters, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Wendy’s and various other locations.

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