Buccaneers weather the Storm

On a perfect cool, overcast day for rugby the Alex Alexander Cup resumed with the 2005 Champion BPC Buccaneers taking on the Cayman Storm, the best players of the Cayman Rugby Academy, and future of Cayman rugby.

Despite a string of injuries to both sides, the Cayman Storm were confident as they had four players returning from successful National duty in Barbados at the Caribbean Championships, however the Buccaneers were also on a roll as they had overcome early season favourites the Queensgate Pigs Trotters in style the weekend before.

The game was a hard fought tussle, with the Buccaneers attempting to spin the ball wide in a change from their normal forward driven tactics. After a torrid lesson in flowing rugby the week before, the Storm defense was more than up to the task, and the Buccaneers were unable to break through. The play flowed from end to end, with the Buccaneers slowly but surely reverting to their forward dominance, and starving the young Storm backs of ball. Despite a massive advantage in possession and territory, they were only able to show two Mick Kehoe penalties.

It was not until late in first half that a Storm clearing kick did not find touch, Buccaneer winger Marcus Cumber neatly dummied the rushing Storm defense, offloaded to a flying Sam Sage, and followed up with Jay Hamilton to face a lone Storm defender; Sam sold the dummy (and the store) to the defender and strolled over the line untouched – a neat piece of play to break the game open for the Buccaneers. Unfortunately they were unable to convert as Captain Mick Kehoe admired the sunset for too long before taking his conversion, and the half ended with the Buccaneers up 11-0.

The Storm fancied their chances in the second half, as they had the wind at their backs and faced a tiring Buccaneer team. Well aware of this tactic, the Buccaneers further tightened up the game, keeping the ball with their much larger forward pack, and dominating possession once again. The Storm defended bravely, but a strong rolling maul saw Brad Rosin literally fly over the try-line and cement the Buccaneers lead.

There was still plenty of time, and the Storm counter-attacked strongly with their limited possession, they managed to make some breaks inside and out, however the Buccaneer defense was up to the task and the Storm were unable to convert pressure into points.

Dominating all forward driven play and with a massive possession advantage, the Buccaneers were well deserved 19-0 winners, pushing them into first place on the competition table – a huge turnaround after a poor start to the season. The Storm should not be disheartened though, with the weight of possession they conceded the score should have been larger, their solid defense against much larger opposition will hold them in good stead for the future.

The final game of the first round will be played this Saturday at 4.30pm on the South Sound Rugby Pitch, where the Storm will look to turn their season around against the Don Fosters Dive Iguanas.

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