Pension offences in court

Guilty pleas for failing to make contributions to pension plans were made in Summary Court on Tuesday.

A representative of Cayman Flooring and Kitchens Specialists Ltd. and Office Pavilion Ltd. entered the guilty pleas on some charges, while the matter of other charges was adjourned.

Scott Henderson, who is also personally charged, acknowledged each offence read out by Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale: that the company, being an employer, without reasonable cause failed to make contributions to a pension plan for its employers.

For Cayman Flooring and Kitchen Specialists, the time frame was 22 November 2002 to 15 June 2005. Each month was a separate charge.

For Office Pavilion, the time frame originally charged was 15 August 2002 to 15 August 2005. However, after consulting with Defence Attorney Clyde Allen, Solicitor General Cheryll Richards relayed the Defence position.

It was that, after September 2004, the business was destroyed and no longer being operated.

The time frame for Office Pavilion therefore concluded as of 15 August 2004.

Ms Richards further advised that the defendants are also charged with failing to provide information to the Superintendent of Pensions as required by law. She indicated that the Crown and Defence were still in discussion of those charges.

Still be addressed was the amount of money that should have been contributed.

For that reason, both sides were asking for an adjournment in the hope that they would come to an agreement. Otherwise a special hearing would be needed.

In the circumstances, the charges against Scott Henderson personally and the failure to provide information charges were put off until the date of sentencing for the charges pleaded to.

The magistrate set that date as 11 January.

No other details were aired in court.

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