Marchers honour AIDS day

The Cayman AIDS Foundation held its annual candlelight vigil and march 1 December to commemorate World AIDS Day.

Carolina Ferreira, operations manager of the Cayman AIDS Foundation, explained the significance of the event.

‘I think it is one of the ways in which the Cayman AIDS Foundation participates on a global level to make sure the day is commemorated.

‘On a local level we want to remember and honour those persons who have passed, and those suffering with HIV/AIDS and their families. And to ensure the day doesn’t pass unnoticed,’ she said.

Marchers walked from the Cayman Islands Hospital to Elmslie Memorial United Church, where they took part in a ceremony honouring the occasion.

Sybil McLaughlin addressed those attending and spoke of the theme for World AIDS Day.

‘This year’s theme, which will kick off a five-year campaign…is Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise. (This theme) is aimed at the governments and policy makers and its intent is to establish an international campaign to hold our leaders accountable for the promises and commitments they have made in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

‘The Cayman AIDS Foundation has joined that global voice,’ she said.

The Caribbean has the second-highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS, second only to Sub-Sarahan Africa, Mrs. McLaughlin explained.

‘There is no role for apathy,’ she added.

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