Prep Christmas melts hearts

One of the first signs for any parent of young children that Christmas is just around the corner is when the kids begin donning Santa, shepherd and angel outfits the first week of December in preparation for their school Christmas productions. And this year’s show by Cayman Prep and High School’s Infant Department (Years One and Two) certainly had its fair share of super festive costumes.

Entitled ‘The Bossy Christmas Fairy’, Year One’s performance was a wonderful display of acting talent, dancing and singing, ably led by Ayanda Jones who played the title role.

Tinsel, baubles, Christmas fairies, tree lights and chocolate Santas all fell into the bad books of this bossy fairy but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

Year Two’s performance, entitled ‘This Infant Boy’ included some star performances by a small group of the Year Two orchestra, who manned large cymbals as well as an assortment of other percussion instruments, and which was an excellent complement to the acting, singing and dancing abilities of the rest of the performers. This production was also well supported by the junior orchestra.

All children worked hard to play their part and of course any parent will say the highlight of the show will be their own child’s performance, however small his/her part may be. However, Isabella Rooney, who played Mary in the Year Two production, deserves a special mention for her amazingly clear and tuneful singing that really stopped the audience in their tracks.

All in all parents agreed the performance was a great kick start to the holiday season.

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