Minister warns traffic offenders

Minister of Works Arden McLean warned traffic offenders that the Government has asked the police to crack down on certain types of offences.

One type of traffic offender singled out by Mr. McLean are people who cut through Governor’s Harbour when they are heading south into George Town in an effort to cut into the traffic line further up West Bay Road, near Safe Haven.

Mr. McLean said he had experienced the results of the action himself when returning to George Town after visiting West Bay last week.

‘I was coming back around 1.30 or 2 in the afternoon and I noticed that when I reached the Great House, traffic stopped,’ he said. ‘It then took me about 15 minutes to get to the Ritz-Carlton, and that’s only about a quarter of a mile away.

‘I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but then I realised people had been turning off the main road and coming out at Safe Haven.’

Mr. McLean said the police have been ticketing motorists for the offence during the morning hours, but not at other times.

‘It’s become a major problem during lunchtime hours, and I have requested police to go there during those hours.’

Mr. McLean appealed to motorists to stop the practice for the sake of better traffic flow on West Bay Road.

‘People have to exercise patience and not worry about getting ahead of others,’ he said.

‘When people go through these residential areas, they disturb the residents,’ he said, and asked if the offending motorists would like it if they lived there.

‘People need to be a little more courteous,’ he said.

Mr. McLean also took issue with truck drivers who do not have the proper covers for their trucks, which causes various kinds of debris to litter the road.

Many truck drivers say they lost the covers to their trucks during Hurricane Ivan, Mr. McLean said.

‘That was 15 months ago. I say no more.’

Trucks also drop debris when they are overloaded, Mr. McLean pointed out. He spoke specifically about the aggregate trucks that travel through George Town at night.

‘There’s gravel all over George Town,’ he said. ‘It’s terrible. I put them all on notice; they will be held responsible. I will not pay government employees to clean up their mess.’

Mr. McLean also wants truck drivers to stop using engine ‘jake’ brakes, which causes loud noise when used.

‘They’re used by truck drivers going down hills in other places, but as you know, the only thing we have like a hill here is a snake in the road,’ he said. ‘There’s no need for them here.’

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