Centre holds open house

In order to show off their new home and thank many for their contributions to the Counselling Centre, members of the public were invited to an open house on Friday.

At the Department’s location on the third floor, Block B of the West Wind building, George Town, attendees spent time with staff and heard about the work the services were doing in the community.

‘This department has a very important role to play in ensuring the health of these islands. I say this because ensuring health is more than just taking care of our bodies. Good health is also about having a healthy mind. It is about ensuring that we have balance in our lives and moreover, that we are emotionally healthy,’ said Health Minister Anthony Eden.

Mr. Eden said the Ministry has been proactive in keeping in step with current health trends. ‘The ministry intends to develop a national mental health plan, which will be comprehensive in its approach, to address the island’s mental health needs,’ he said.

He said the department broadened its mandate earlier this year to offer a wide array of counselling services with the focus being more holistic.

‘Working with the Ministry, the department intends to identify areas that need improvement and may also seek to expand their current services. I look forward to continuing the dialogue, especially as we begin working on the national mental health plan.’

At the open house many partners were recognised for their contributions by clinical supervisor Kathryn Dinspel-Powell.

Thanked for her help throughout the years and presented with a plaque was retiree from the Health Ministry, Mrs. Andrea Bryan.

Mrs. Bryan said she knew the work they did was tremendously important and even though she was out of the system they were not out of her heart. It would be only now that she would have more time to be of help to the community.

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