CFP helps grow journalist

A budding journalist who got his reporter’s feet wet at the Caymanian Compass is off to the University of Tampa with assistance from the newspaper.

Matthew Yates, who is completing his associate degree from University College of the Cayman Islands, will start his junior year in January at Tampa studying communications.

He expressed gratitude for the help he is receiving.

‘I feel safe that the Compass is behind me and that my future is secure. The people at Cayman Free Press have always had an open door and have offered me a chance to follow my dream,’ Matthew said.

Teritia Peart, business manager at CFP, explained that Matthew has been honing his reporting skills at the newspaper.

‘Matthew has come in on two separate holiday periods in the past and done student editorial work. He has a strong desire to be a journalist,’ she said.

Mrs. Peart added that CFP is happy to help Matthew with his studies.

‘We’re giving him financial assistance for his tuition in order for him to complete his degree. After he finishes, he will come to work for us as a trainee journalist.

‘This continues a Cayman Free Press tradition as we have in the past helped many Caymanians with practical, on-the-job training and tuition who have gone on to successful related careers,’ she said.

Brian Uzzell, CFP managing director, added that the company is committed to supporting Caymanians.

‘We are always here for the advancement and further education of Caymanians, especially in journalism,’ he said.

Matthew is enthusiastic about his chosen profession.

‘I’m looking forward to working over the summers and to make contributions to the Compass from time to time from university,’ he said.

Mrs. Peart is equally keen.

‘We wish Matthew every success in his new adventure and look forward to his written contributions over the next few years,’ she said.

Matthew wanted to add one other thank you.

‘I want to thank God for my award from the Compass. In the end, it’s true that God has our back. He’ll find a way to work things out for the best,’ he said.

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