Answers are right here

Sometime the folks that are supposed to have all the answers don’t. And when someone comes along who has a few answers, they are ignored, even though their experience on certain subjects far exceeds anyone around.

Those supposedly in the know are missing out on a wealth of people who have been there, done that and yes have made all the mistakes that are about to be made.

You would think that someone with the responsibility of getting it right the first time would realize that there are people nearby that have the much needed experience and answers.

What is it? Pride, that won’t let them admit that there really are people that were watching in amazement at the stupidity being demonstrated.

There are people on this island that have the knowledge an experience to solve every problem Cayman has or ever will have. Here is a hint – most of them are over sixty.

How will you find them if you even wanted to? Set aside time to talk to them, let it be known that you are open to suggestions on any subject. Then listen, don’t talk.

Name withheld by request

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