Ja PM not out of line

Please allow me space in your paper to state my comments on the present Jamaican situation. By the way, I am a full-fledged Caymanian.

In my opinion, the Jamaican Prime Minister did not stir up anything that speaks to this type of animosity that has been going on. I think he simply addressed the matter that concerns his people in a very diplomatic way. How could any of us Caymanians expect that the Honourable Prime Minister would come here and not address this fragile topic?

I have read over and over the comments by the Prime Minister and yet cannot find why it warrants such a response from our people. Are we so easily stirred and on the edge that we can become so hateful and disrespectful for almost nothing?

Our officials claimed that it is customary not to give advance notice when implementing laws to protect their borders and citizens. But wasn’t it these same officials who went to beg US officials for time when that country announced the new passport initiative for their citizens?

I am for any measures taken to protect our borders and our people but in doing so we must be careful not to cause more harm than good. We cannot be satisfied by being only known as the fifth largest banking centre. We ought to be known for our intelligence and respect for others, regardless where they are from.

Our officials are claiming that it is because of the mass status grants that there is an increase in crime. That might be so, but where is the proof? Yes, we read with great disbelief that there are over 1,500 Jamaicans over-staying here. I need proof. These claims would point to the mess the immigration system is in and I can’t believe they are that slack.

I need to know how this happened, when it happened and over what period of time. We are quick to blame the Jamaicans but our immigration system is to be equally blamed.

We are quick to disrespect the Prime Minister and call his country all sorts of names, which is very childish. It is an insult to the wider Jamaican community.

I am not claiming that there are not Jamaicans here who are getting into trouble but the majority are good, law-abiding citizens and should not be held responsible for the behaviours of others. In weeding out the bad one we ought to take care we don’t harm the others by our vicious and out-of-order statements.

We cannot be so childish and ignorant. What type of example are we setting for our young people when we can call in on a radio program and write letters that speaks to total disregard?

No wonder so many of our young people will call you ‘sir and ma’am’ and in the same sentence fire darts at the same people they refer to as ‘sir and ma’am’.

We better wake up and stop this foolishness. Let us move on and be the courageous people our forefathers and mothers taught us to be. May God bless us all.

Name withheld by request