Put the kibosh on complaining

Caymanians complaining about ex-pats, ex-pats complaining about Caymanians – everyone complaining about Jamaicans. And now Canadians complaining about being treated poorly and someone else complaining about Canadians.

Excuse me while I yawn.

The Cayman Islands has adopted quite a few things from its neighbours to the north. Cable TV, video games, fast food, dangerous driving – and now moaning.

Why don’t we go ahead and get on with it? Why don’t we declare independence and petition the US and/or Canada to annex us so that we can join the other 350,000,000 whiners in North America (which would give the Brits something else to whine about).

‘I wasn’t hired because I’m (black, white, brown, male, female, disabled, able-bodied, over-qualified, under-qualified, a citizen, a work permit holder – ad nauseum).’ ‘I was treated poorly because I’m (American, Honduran, Jamaican, Canadian, British, Phillipino…’) Boo-hoo.

Brits – pipe down. Canadians – zip it! As a matter of fact, Everyone needs to put the kibosh on complaining.

The sooner people start looking for things to praise as opposed to things to bemoan, the better off everyone will be. There is much more beauty here than those who complain seem to be able to grasp. And most of that beauty is a result of the people who call these Islands home.

A four-year-old boy drops dead in school, Baby Zoe needs a heart transplant, two young girls were raped and beaten – oh and the Canadians are upset because they’re not treated nicely; Jamaicans (and some 60 other nationalities) need visas to come to Cayman; we can’t get drunk on New Year’s Eve.

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be humourous.

Are these Islands or any of us on them perfect? No way. So come to terms with this and get on with it.

As a white, American, ex-pat, permanent resident of Cayman I thank God every day that I don’t live anywhere else but Cayman. And I couldn’t care less who that compliments or offends.

And if someone treats me poorly because I happen to be American, then so be it. It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

So the next time anyone feels like complaining, simply call the Complaints Commissioner at (345) B-E-Q-U-I-E-T. Canadians – call your embassy.

Name withheld by request

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