Visa requirements silly

I note with interest the visa requirements for Jamaicans wishing to visit the Cayman Islands. Below I have listed those requirements that I find to be utterly silly:

You must allow two weeks for your application to be processed, and bear in mind that this is likely to take longer at busier times of year.

If you have not received a decision after four weeks you may contact the office in Jamaica.

Visas are usually valid for six months.

You do not need a visa for the Cayman Islands if you are a resident of the US, Canada or the UK if you are arriving directly from those countries.

I have quite a few visas for other jurisdictions and the requirements for them are nowhere as stringent or silly as the above.

In these times of globalization when business people need to make frequent trips all over the globe, who is going to hand over their passports for this amount of time?

Secondly, who has the time or money to apply for a visa every six months? Are we saying that business persons who conduct business here and have huge investments here must relinquish their sole travel documents which have other visas in them every six months for periods of processing between two and four weeks? What other jurisdiction requires one to apply for a visa every six months?

It is quite clear to me that Jamaicans are not welcomed here hence all the red tape. I urge all Jamaicans not to waste time or money on obtaining a Cayman Islands visa. The requirements for a US, UK or Canadian visas are not so stringent. Let me use this opportunity to promote Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio or Montego Bay for your destination of relaxation, fun and varied activities.

All you law abiding Jamaicans here on work permits keep on carrying out your functions at the highest levels, fly Air Jamaica for those beautiful vacations back home and American Airlines, Delta or Spirit Airlines to other gateways. Spend only on bare necessities as you will soon be kicked out.

Such a pity that those friends of mine, some with American green cards but who would be traveling from Jamaica, had plans of coming across for the jazz festival or Christmas but will no longer be as they have already identified other places to enjoy themselves. Now whose loss is it?

Name withheld by request

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