Advance Automotive hires manager

Mr. David Joy as been hired as Advance Automotive’s new service manager.

Mr. Joy is from Pagosa Springs in Colorado where he ran his own service centre for more than 15 years.

Before that he worked at several major dealerships throughout the USA and has gathered more than 35 years valuable experience in the automotive repair business.

Having gathered in excess of 100 highly recognized automotive qualifications over the years, Mr. Joy admits he is addicted to the automobile repair business and believes he is lucky to work in an industry that is both his trade mark and hobby.

Having built and driven numerous racing cars, Mr. Joy knows the mechanics of a vehicle from every angle and can not wait to explore the possibilities of building another race car here in Cayman – however – he is quick to add – that he can not see this happening for ‘quiet a while’ as there are many new ideas he wants to implement at Advance Automotive before he could even consider taking on such a project.

Mr. Joy can be contacted at Advance Automotive on 945 9191 or [email protected]

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