Four shopping days left

With no cruise ships scheduled for Christmas Eve and only two ships coming this Friday, shoppers will have an opportunity for making a last minute dash into George Town to buy presents.

Kirk Freeport is accommodating last minute shopping by opening its downtown stores until 8pm Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week and until 10pm Friday and Saturday evenings.

Island Companies will also be open to 8pm Wednesday and Thursday evenings, until 9pm Friday and until 10pm and beyond Saturday evening.

Christmas Eve is a good day to shop as there are no cruise ships scheduled, and on Friday two ships come in, one at 10am and the other at 1pm. Both leave at 6pm. If both ships are full about 3,000 passengers can be expected on them. This Wednesday and Thursday are busy cruise days with seven and five ships respectively. Some of these ships arrive early in the morning and the last of them leave at 7pm.

Kirk Freeport at The Strand opens late every night this week, to 10pm tonight and Thursday, and to 11pm Friday and Saturday evenings.

Kirk Freeport Marketing Manager Lance Kidder reports that business is going well and is slightly better than last year, with more hotels on stream, the residents’ sales are strong, like last year and that cruise business is stable.

Most retailers report business to be brisk, and up slightly on last year.

The use of the new cruise pier at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal is alleviating some of the congestion in George Town, said Mr. Kidder.

Both the Kirk Freeport stores and Island Companies stores close Christmas Day and will reopen on Monday, 26 December (Boxing Day) to accommodate cruise ships.

Meanwhile, Fosters and Hurleys supermarkets are open to 11pm up to and including Christmas Eve this week, with Kirk Supermarket closing just before midnight each night.

The supermarkets will be closed Sunday and Monday and will re-open with bank holiday hours on Tuesday 27 December (9-6pm for Fosters and Hurleys and 9-5pm for Kirk Supermarket).

Priced Right at Foster’s Airport Complex opens until 9pm this week through Saturday. It will be closed on Sunday and Monday and re-opens for business Tuesday.

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