Brac ganja trial set

Three Jamaican nationals accused of importing ganja into Cayman Brac have had their trial set for 9 February.

The three are charged with importation of and possession with intent to supply 387.8 pounds of ganja at Watering Place on 22 November.

The defendants are Cordell Bennett, 34; Ian Johnson, 53; and Melborn Adlam, 37. All three men are from Bluefields in Westmoreland.

Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale said she was granting legal aid to the defendants because not only were they poor but they were functionally illiterate. It would be unjust, she indicated, to have defendants go to trial without being able to read the papers in the case against them.

The defendants were first brought to court on 1 December and had denied guilt. They entered their pleas formally on Tuesday in the presence of attorneys.

Johnson is represented by Attorney John Furniss. Adlam and Bennett are represented by counsel from the firm of L.A. Samson and Co.

The three defendants have been in custody since their arrest. The magistrate explained that bail could not be considered because the men were not legally landed. They therefore had no immigration status in Cayman.