Today’s Editorial January 05: Crime Stoppers needs all

Everyone in the Cayman Islands can get their 15 minutes of fame next weekend.

Crime Stoppers is offering anyone who’s willing to get in the picture of fighting crime in the Cayman Islands next Saturday morning via a massive photo shoot.

It is hoped that thousands of people will turn up 14 January to Safehaven at 9am to participate in a mass photo.

A bucket truck and professional photographer have been procured.

Once the photo is taken and processed, it will become the official poster for Cayman Crime Stoppers and will be used in various campaigns to fight crime.

Taking part in the photo session is just another way we can all rally behind Mr. Stuart Bostock and Cayman Crime Stoppers to help curtail crime in this country.

The crime stopping effort had been going well before Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Its light flickered out, though, and was revitalized this past summer.

Since then things have been going swimmingly with the number of free 800-TIPS tripling.

An amazing thing is happening with the Crime Stoppers hotline, too.

There is a cash reward to callers who give tips that lead to arrests and convictions. So far, none of the callers have requested the monetary award.

That’s refreshing to know. It would appear that those who are calling in with tips have the best for this country in their hearts.

Now it’s time to rally behind Mr. Bostock and his efforts to bring the concept of Crime Stoppers home to everyone in the Cayman Islands.

Church groups, scouts, social and civic organizations, community groups, government agencies and private sector members can go ahead and start forming pods of people who will show up at Safehaven next Saturday morning to show Mr. Bostock that we are all behind him and the efforts of Cayman Crime Stoppers.

Remember, tips to Crime Stoppers do not give police evidence they need to arrest an individual, but puts them on the right track to solve crime.

Citizens form the foundation of a Crime Stoppers programme. There are people who serve as volunteers on the Crime Stoppers board with responsibility to operate the non-profit corporation, raise funds and approve reward payments when crimes are solved. Members of the public support Crime Stoppers at public events and through other fundraising activities. And there are others who call Crime Stoppers when they have information that will solve crimes.

Crime Stoppers is only as effective as the people who rally behind it.

It’s time for us to get behind this worthy effort and take advantage of our 15 minutes of fame.