Poll: Crime, Indies Suites top 2005 stories

Crime and the Indies Suites situation were the top stories in the Cayman Islands in 2005, according to the majority of respondents to the most recent Caymanian Compass online poll.

Of the 535 votes cast in the poll that ran two weeks, 162 people (30.3 per cent) said crime was the top story, while 175 people specified a choice other than the five suggested. The large majority of those votes indicated the Indies Suites situation was the top story.

The other choices included the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman (55 votes, 10.3 per cent), the General Elections (52 votes, 9.7 per cent), the requirement of visas for Jamaicans and three other nationalities (48 votes, nine per cent) and the rising cost of living (43 votes, eight per cent).

Fewer comments were made by the respondents than usual, with exception of those saying Indies Suites was the top story.

‘The crime situation has changed the way I live my life,’ said one person.

‘Depending on whether it turns out the PPM has the ability and will to fix everything wrong in Cayman, the ’05 elections might be the story of the year for years to come,’ said another respondent.

The contention of the visa issue made one person vote it as the top story.

‘For or against, you couldn’t help but pay attention.’

One person said the cost of living was ‘getting out of control’.

Another person commented similarly: ‘Something has to be done to curb the spiralling cost of everything in these islands.’

The possibility of opening a dolphinarium in the Cayman Islands gained more than 20 votes as the top story.

‘I would be very upset to hear that dolphins were penned to promote tourist dollars,’ said one respondent. ‘Shame on the Caymans if you proceed with this.’

The Hurricane Ivan recovery also received several votes.

‘Hurricane Ivan recovery had so many knock-on effects,’ said one comment.

The vast majority of the comments, however, were made about Indies Suites, some by people who had voted crime as the top story.

‘The sale of the Indies Suites property without notifying members as required,’ said one person.

‘I consider the shameful manner by which the Indies Suites timeshare owners have been treated to be the year’s top story,’ said another respondent.