Cayman Air Lines names HR manager

In any company, the most important assets are the employees, says a press release from Cayman Airways. ‘Mr. Eric Bush has been appointed to oversee the management of the invaluable human resources of the National Flag Carrier,’ it reads.

Effective 31 October, Mr. Bush became the Senior Manager of Human Resources. Mr. Bush, who will be based at Cayman Airways’ Grand Cayman office, joins the airline with much experience in the HR. ‘He has a successful track record and has made excellent accomplishments in challenging situations,’ said the press release.

‘It is truly an honor to work for the national airline and the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands.’, said Mr. Bush, ‘Looking back at it now I realize that my father as well as my brother have both worked for Cayman Airways. My goal is to make things better everyday that I am here at Cayman Airways Ltd.’

Mr. Bush’s primary goal for his first few months at Cayman Airways is to implement, and where necessary, construct mechanisms to measure productivity and ensure accountability for every employee and department at CAL.

‘My vision of the Human Resources Department is that it will be one of the most efficient departments within Cayman Airways and added responsibilities will be entrusted to the department for the betterment of the organization as a whole,’ he remarked.

‘Our human resources are our most precious asset,’ said Mr. Mike Adam, Cayman Airways’ CEO. ‘The airline has to make the comfort, satisfaction and regulation of our employees the very best it can be to ensure that they are, at all times, as proud to be an employee of Cayman Airways as we are to have them onboard.’