Workshop promotes balanced lifestyle

The Women’s Resource Centre is holding a free workshop, Living a Balanced Life, Thursday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Kevin Pidwerbeski, a life coach for more than 15 years, is facilitating the workshop.

‘It’s on how to live a balanced life in this hectic world. It’s about taking control of your life,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

This will mark the third time the life coach, who lived in Cayman from 2002 to 2005, has run the popular workshop.

He works back up in Vancouver these days and is down here on a volunteer basis.

The workshop will start with the people attending defining a balanced life and it will move on from there, he explained.

‘They will learn how to cope, how to make decisions and how to take control of their life,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

There is no set agenda for the workshop, he added.

‘It is client-centred and facilitator-led. Every workshop is completely different,’ he said.

Mr. Pidwerbeski does set certain rules for those attending the workshop, however.

‘Nobody gets to be wrong,’ he said. People should be able to say what they want without being judged, he explained.

In addition, what is said by people at the workshop should stay in the workshop.

‘Anything I say may be repeated elsewhere. Anything anybody else says may not be repeated. Gossiping is not allowed,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

The life coach also expects everyone who signs up for the workshop to attend. The course is usually full, so if a person registers and doesn’t show up, it prevents someone else from attending, he explained.

‘This deeply offends everybody,’ he added.

Those at the workshop are also expected to maintain the privacy of all present.

‘People want confidentiality and respect,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

While changes are not expected overnight, he hopes to set people on the right course.

‘People need to break their habits and go down the road less travelled.

‘I push a lot of buttons; that’s my job as a developmental coach. We’re all very good at failing, but little by you can take control of your life. This is about you taking control back,’ he said.

The course is not gender specific, but often women can benefit more, he added.

‘Women not only cope with the stress of a normal environment, but they also have the stress of helping their children, spouse and parents cope,’ he said, adding that women also help work colleagues, friends and their extended family.

‘Women spend a lot of time helping everyone cope, but themselves,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

In Vancouver he is busy creating workshops on how to enhance productivity in companies and improve communication between management and employees.

He is happy to come back to Cayman, though. After Ivan, he offered trauma coaching and he is volunteering his time to run the workshop.

‘I really do believe in volunteering and supporting the country I’m in and giving back to the community.

‘The Women’s Resource Centre is doing such an incredible job. That’s why I do most of my volunteering there,’ Mr. Pidwerbeski said.

For more information on the workshop, contact Lise Hurlstone, WRC programme officer, at 949-0006.