Workshop addresses gangs

Cayman Against Substance Abuse recently hosted a one-day youth conference in Cayman Brac, which attracted 37 participants.

Mr. Robert Walker, Gang Identification Consultant,conducted a three-hour workshop for government officials and other residents of the Sister Islands. The purpose of the trip was to evaluate any existing street gang problems that may exist in Cayman Brac, and to allow the interested citizens of the community the opportunity to become aware of those problems through gang identification and other techniques, said a CASA press release.

Throughout the presentation Mr. Walker touched on many topics relating to gangs such as why youth join gangs, the effects of gang involvement on the lives of youth, murder, drug trafficking and other crimes, the definition of a gang, methods of identifying gangs and gang members, plus how gangs are spreading to many parts of the world.

In addition, he discussed the need for the community, including politicians, law enforcement, parents, and teachers, to admit when they see signs of gangs and drugs. He encouraged them to step forward to support the police in their efforts, as well as calling for politicians to propose and support gang legislation aimed at combating and preventing the spread of gangs and drugs throughout the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Walker previously toured the Island with local law enforcement officers and was pleased to inform the residents that presently, there is no visible evidence of gang activity in Cayman Brac, the release said.