DVL training will enhance public service

The Department of Vehicle Licensing has launched a new training programme which will cross train supervisors and deputy supervisors by seconding them to various internal services for periods of three months or more.

This cross training is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to standardise best practices in all sectors of its services, said a GIS press release.

‘Our goal with this initiative is to make our supervisory team adept in all areas that we deal with to ensure the DVL experience is the best it can be,’ Director David Dixon explained in the release.

‘Having these front line supervisors knowledgeable about the intricacies of other sections makes them more efficient in handling any situation that may arise. The outcome is definitely going to improve our customer relations.’

DVL is also continuing to move forward with other initiatives to reinforce customer service relationships. These include revamping the vehicle inspection process to ensure adherence to safety standards and relevant traffic laws, and a programme of devising more flexible hours for vehicle inspection, ensuring vehicle licensing locations are fully staffed at peak hours, and instituting a help desk at the Elgin Avenue.

‘This help desk is crucial to addressing customer queries and resolving licensing issues,’ said Mr. Dixon. ‘We are also going to implement a document-screening process to reduce the time a customer spends in line.’

The department is also developing customer-information sheets that will provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding vehicle licensing transactions. These will be made available to customers both in the offices as well as posted online in the near future, the release said.